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stop and stare

suddenly I see this is what I want to be

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now it's Dane's health
So Dane and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Monday.  I had to work (new job and all), but he picked me up after and took me to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate with an old favorite.  It was all nice and low key and fun.  Really, it was just nice to get out and spend the time with him since our schedules were relatively opposite last week.

But I can't believe we've been married for a year.  It's gone by so fast with everything we've experienced.  We're both in agreement that we'd like a much calmer year 2.  Year 1 had more excitement than I would ever wish on anybody.

Except that Dane was sent home sick from work yesterday because he threw up when he got there.  Then there's been the stomach issues since yesterday which culminated to blood in the stool sans stool.  Thankfully I already scheduled him to see our doctor due to stomach issues alone (seriously, I thought it was food poisoning since my stomach's messed up too).  But now he needs to go see a specialist for a colonoscopy to find out if this is just hemerrhoids or colon cancer (which freaks the hell out of us sunce we each lost our paternal grandmothers to colon cancer).  Needless to say, I'm doing the wife freak out and trying to keep myself together.  So much for less excitement.  Updates will follow.

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Congrats on your anniversary hun!

I've got my fingers crossed for Dane. Hope that it's nothing serious. *huggles*

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