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Hives are clearing up- slowly- thanks to the meds.  Which the meds also have this slight side effect of a persistent sore throat.  But it could also be the killer allergies so I'm not calling the doctor.  I've got 2 days left of medication and just bought a bag of Halls Breezers which are working beautifully.  I think I can handle work tomorrow.

If they use me that is since the called me today and completely canned my Friday and Saturday shifts.  But honestly, I don't care.  And you may be thinking, 'but Sophie, you waited so long for them to give you hours, how could you not care that they're cutting your shifts?'

That's because....


I got a new job working hotel security at the not even open brand spanking new Marriott Waikiki EDITION Hotel.  That's right.  Full time employment and we get the Marriott benefit back.  And I start orientation on June 1st.  Hell fucking yeah.  After a year and a half of looking in four different states, I finally found a good full time job within my field of study.  God it feels good to finally say that.

Oh, and my sister in law is gone.

Life is starting to look better and better.
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