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stop and stare

suddenly I see this is what I want to be

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false advertisement?
kidding me
Anyone else think this new Victoria's Secret push up bra is false advertisement? 

I think if I were to find out a woman was 2 cup sizes smaller than she really was I'd be more than a little disappointed.

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Haven't seen the new bra, but I know their habit. Seriously? I'm a girl with smaller breasts and I know better than to use that shit. It is false advertisement and it's also encouraging women to not like their bodies the way they are.

Any particular woman you got in mind there *waggles eyebrows*

But I agree. They should advertise something telling people that they are beautiful the way they are!

I need to get out of the house more for there to be a particular woman *w*

But that would be another epic adventure for a much later date when we no longer live with his father. And trust me, you'll hear ALL about it.

Can't wait to hear ALL about it.... *g*

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