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stop and stare

suddenly I see this is what I want to be

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16 days... not that I'm counting
Emily with bear
So the talk never happened since she didn't want to go out and eat.  She only stayed down stairs long enough to talk about herself and the engagement that I didn't really pay attention to before going back upstairs to her room.  Whatever.

But now she's just poked her head into the room to beam about their dad taking a weekend in Phoenix to watch her get married.  For someone who keeps calling this her 'non-wedding wedding' she sure does make a big deal about it.  At least she's not excluding him and pouting that we're not going to travel with him.  But I guess she's planned her date and of course it's probably just before Dane and I hit our 1 year.  I'd like to think this wouldn't bother me so much if she wasn't family or living under the same roof as us.  And it probably wouldn't because then I wouldn't be forced to listen to it.

I'm planning on hitting a spin class in the morning after I take Dane to work.  Maybe that will take some of my edge off...