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She's engaged.  He proposed in a hot air balloon at sunrise.  It's sweet.  Kinda.  Probably would have been better if that wasn't the only detail she didn't know.  At least now we don't have to listen to her pester Dad or Dane to get answers for her nor do I have to see her scowl at me when I tell her they were going to do no such thing.  Too many things about this seem off and rushed. 

And as much as it probably shouldn't irritate me, it bothers me that she's more than likely going to get married before Dane and I even get to celebrate our one year.  Yeah, I know it's her life and it's only a superstition that it brings bad luck to both marriages if siblings marry in the same year, but still.  We had to wait a year to announce plans and dates after Margaret got married.  The rule SHOULD be universal, but as USUAL the twins get to do whatever they want without any reguard for anyone else.  Just peeves me a little, but whatever.  Lynn's always been like this.  It's got her moving out, right?

At least we don't have to fly out there since they're supposedly getting hitched with only a pastor.  His parents and kids are out there so they'll probably be there so she'll be excluding the family just like she did in her first marriage.  Really, I probably would care as much if she was correcting the problems from marriage #1, but she's following down the same path.  It's hard to be supportive when you see someone still acting like a self centered moron.  She's wanting to have some dinner thing with only immediate family in like December to celebrate, but we probably won't be there.  We've told her that Dane doesn't get vacation until February (heck I'm missing Kelsey's wedding in 2weeks and she's been my friend for 5 years and was one of my bridesmaids), but she's pretty set one December thinking that we'll be there.  I'm not saying we won't try, but it's kind of unlikely and I'm not going without Dane just to keep Dad company.  I don't really care what his sisters say about that either because my main responsibility and loyalty is to my husband, not them.


I feel a bit better now.

See?  Therapy.  (It's also the name of a bar out here, how perfect is that?)

And of course after 2 months of delightfully light and cramp-free periods, I'm doubled over in pain that Midol can't fix.  Fuck.
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