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How have I seriously gone this long without an update?  I wonder if Sofia's been sparing me the ass kicking since I added her on facebook and she sees all that random stuff...

But really, someone, don't let me go this long again.  This is good therapy that I shouldn't be neglecting.

So you guys already know that we're in Hawaii and we've been here almost 3 months, but here's something you didn't know: our rental car got broken into on our way to my parents house just before we fully moved.  We decided to stay in a hotel so we wouldn't wake my parents up when we came in late that night and didn't take everything out with us.  Because really, Westlake Village is one of the safest cities in the country.  I grew up ten minutes away.  My dad's office is diagonally across the intersection from the hotel.  So we came out in the morning to find the back window smashed in and luggage missing.  They took off with 2 suitcases of clothing, 2 carryons with ALL our jewelry except what we were wearing, and Dane's golf clubs.  Apparently there've been problems with the gangs from the Valley coming up and breaking into cars in hotel and mall parking lots.  That would have been nice to know BEFORE they stole our shit.  We've finally got money from our renter's insurance which we're using to pay off pretty much all our debt which is great, but not really the way we wanted to do it.  And they took all but one of my Aeropostale hoodies which pisses me off because I know they just got thrown out.  But all the jewelry Dane's given me, the stuff I wore for the wedding, his watches, my watches, stuff from his mom and dad and my junior bridesmaid... gone.  It's heartbreaking.

Everything with our accident is just about done and we should hopefully be seeing money soon so we can pay off the credit cards we loaded copays onto.  The lifelesson here: don't get hit by a drunk driver.  Not that you can really avoid that, but if you can, I reccomend it.

Dane's sister Lynnm the one still at home is in Arizona for the week.  She's supposed to be getting engaged at some point.  She moves out there May 22 (not counting down or anything) and will be getting married like a week later.  Honestly, not thrilled she is, but don't care at the same time.  I'm more or less looking forward to her moving out.  She causes too much drama and too many problems.

Battery's dying.  I'll post more later.  Really.
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