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Oh my god I got so drunk tonight. And poor Regan had to take care of me while she was here on vacation. She's such a great friend.

But as usual, pancakes make the BEST sober food. They never fail me.

I'm off to Cali to visit my parents/ clean out my old room tomorrow (today?). Not thrilled about the trip but it needs to be done. I just wish Dane was coming. We haven't been apart since he went to Hawaii for his grandmother's funeral in summer '08. I don't do well without him and now I have to add my parents to the mix. Maybe I can convince my mom to take me shopping.

Banana is revamping their entire demin line and I don't like it. Everything's slimmer cut now so I've had to go up in sizing. Now there's something depressing to drink to when you already play a numbers game and you started your period (I tried on EVERY style we got).

Ok, I need to be up in a few hours to make my flight. Later.
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