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stop and stare

suddenly I see this is what I want to be

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Simon Baker
I think I might have a small crush on Simon Baker. Like the illicit affair, hot artist type crush. Really, the man is beautiful. I mean, look at him:

I just want to drink tea, walk on the beach, and... yeah. He's pretty hot.

Not to take away from Gary. He's still my number one celeb crush. I don't think he can be replaced.

In other news, I still have my cold. I have a doctor's appointment for the enjoyable yearly exam tomorrow morning. Not worried about it (because why should I), but not looking forward to it (again, why should I). Oh well. More birth control. BC is good. BC keeps the children away. I'm NOT ready for those things yet.

Although it's creepy to lurk through facebook and see how many people I grew up with having kids. It's just weird...

My hair's growing back slowly. I decided I didn't like it that short. I'm too limited as what I can do with it. And I miss my layers. So it's going back to the shoulders and that's where it's going to stay. Short hair isn't good in high humidity anyway.

So this is a totally random post about nothing in particular. My mother's gone insane, but that's another post.

But can I get Gary or Simon for Christmas? It'd make me happy...

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I'm sorry but Simon Baker is mine. :p

Can I just borrow him? Or maybe oogle him for a little bit?

I'll get you Simon Baker if you get me my sales rep. Deal?

Get me Gary and I'll put a big red bow on sales rep

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