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Wow, it's been two weeks since my last post? Really? So much for doing better with updating...

But maybe it would help if something interesting were to happen rather than huge annoyances and stupid fights with Dane.

Ooo! I cut another 2 1/2 inches off my hair the other day. It's actually off my shoulders and I'm not 100% thrilled with this venture. Maybe I need some more time to let it grow on me. It looks great when I straighten it. It actually looks like Anna Belknap post baby. So I kinda like it then. Today I just scrunched it and... I don't know. It poofed weird and didn't stay right. Though, that was probably my fault for not letting it do it's thing. I now compulsively run my hands through my hair like I'm still figuring out where it went. But yeah, I went for the shock value and I certainly achieved it.

Um, I'm not sure this size 6 by Christmas is going to work. I'm having HUGE implue control problems when it comes to food. If I want it, I eat it if it's in front of me. Seriously, this is not good. This was what got me fat in the first place. I need to do better with this. And it's not just about the size because going down a size is losing about 15-20 lbs. I just can't think with a scale. It messes my head up too much (more than thinking about sizes any way). So hopefully this is going to get better. If anything, I'd like some better impulse control and my resolution for 2010 is to be a size 4. That puts me well within a healthy weight range. That might be a good plan there...

Moving is a huge pain in the ass. I forgot how many boxes of books I have. I'll probably need to go through them and weed some out as I work on packing tomorrow. I really don't want to get rid of them though. But Dane and I did have a really great talk about the move the other day. It's good to know he's just as scared as I am even if it's a different fear. Mine is the "I've never lived here and I just moved 3000 miles away from my best friends and parents". His is the "Is this the best choice for us to be making right now?". One day at a time. That's how I need to get through it. And after we move, I'll be on the phone with Taylor every day.

What else???

I'm now addicted to Grey's Anatomy. Dane's sister did it to me. I never thought it was a bad show, it was just on the same time as CSI and I didn't have a DVR to record both when it first aired.

Oh, and I'm sick. How fucking brilliant is that? I feel like my throat is raw, but there's also a big ball of mucus there as well. My head hurts and I can't stop sniffling. This blows.

On that note, I'm out of here. Later guys.
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